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Help support Dr. Alberto Pulido and his documentary film on Chicano and lowrider culture titled “Everything Comes From The Streets”. Finishing funds are needed to show the film at the San Francisco Film Festival and KPBS. Your support will also make it possible for you to view via digital download in the future. Visit their Facebook page at, and donate to support the cause at their @kickstarter campaign—just put the film name in the search bar. (at Chicano Park)

Please Mr. Postman Part 3 of 3. Finally, showing support for one of my favorite photographers Mark Kawakami @joyartco. The prints of Hush Hush are soooo sick! Can’t wait to get ‘em framed. Thanks for the goods! ✌

Got my “Everything Comes From The Streets” posters framed. (L) to (R): Latin Lowriders CC (one of first lowrider car clubs in San Diego), custom car fabricator Robert Martinez (one of the pioneers of custom car and lowrider building in San Diego), and Specials CC (one of the first all-women lowrider car clubs in San Diego). Money is trying to be raised to accommodate more seats for the world premiere. I purchased all 3 for only $20. They are hard stock 12x18 posters. If you’re interested, e-mail Professor Alberto Pulido @ apulidoATsandiegoDOTedu and tell him I sent ya! 😉 Follow them on Facebook too:

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